*Spoiler* Matt Riddle debuts on WWE SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Matt Riddle debuts on WWE SmackDown

After several weeks of promo and great anticipation, there was finally the debut in today's episode of SmackDown of the athlete Matt Riddle. Coming from NXT, The Original Bro was immediately the protagonist, foiling the initial plans and the celebrations of the new Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles.

At the beginning of the episode, after a small verbal clash between the new champion and the ex-challenger Daniel Bryan, Matt Riddle intervened (in the role of Face) with charisma: after the initial attack by Styles the two met in a match not valid for the title.

Riddle debuts on SmackDown

After a very balanced match between the two, Matt Riddle eventually took the win by backing The Phenomenal One and hitting him previously with BroDerek. Today's success suggests a possible feud between the two, with perhaps the title of Intercontinental Champion at stake, but at the same time, a scandal has occurred in the last hours that could totally change WWE's plans on Riddle.

The wrestler from Pennsylvania was accused of rape by his former colleague, the wrestler in several indies companies, Candy Cartwright. The athlete reported several tweets where he told the sad story and we all know how rigid WWE is about these situations.

At the time and even before the SmackDown episode, Matt Riddle is no longer advertised in the main section of WWE.com but is only listed at the bottom of a secondary preview. The show was filmed 7 days before its broadcast and consequently also before the debut on the blue show of Riddle.

There is curiosity now about what WWE will decide to do, whether to suspend the athlete or make other sensational decisions about his future in the federation. Matt Riddle has been married to his wife Lisa since 2011 and two twins and another baby were born from the marriage with her.

Obviously the accusations to the wrestler are very heavy and if they were to find a foundation of truth they would be a tombstone on the career of the young talent in WWE. Riddle has vehemently denied allegations of s****l assault, responding to a fan inquiry on Twitter in direct messages subsequently made public: “The fact that you’d think I’d do something like this makes me sad, bro,” said Riddle in a Direct Message shown in a screenshot.

“You don’t need to be my fan/friend but try not to believe every story you hear especially with no [proof]”.