Bray Wyatt teases return of Wyatt family

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Bray Wyatt teases return of Wyatt family

As widely seen in the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown and also as widely reported by us of WorldWrestling in the last two days, Bray Wyatt returned on-screen in the last episode of the blue WWE show and he did it by sensationally dressing the plans of his old gimmick, that of the Eater of Worlds, with which he led his old stable, the Wyatt Family.

After the alleged indications on the return of the stable emerged online on the same official Twitter profile of the athlete, it would seem that WWE now wants to create a new very important film match with Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman as protagonists once again, in the next match titled that the two they should have in that of Extreme Rules.

Apparently, according to when reported in the last hours by the famous overseas site Ringside News, WWE would have in mind to anticipate compared to the original plans, the match titled valid for the Universal Championship of Braun Strowman against Bray Wyatt, who initially WWE wanted to hold in Summerslam.

Bray Wyatt teases return of Wyatt family

The match giving away the absolute title of Friday Night Smackdown, in fact, should go on stage next July 19th, at Extreme Rules, the next PPV of the company to go on air. According to what reported by the journalists of the famous American site, the federation management is also thinking of some great twists to be included in the match, as already done in the similar Wrestlemania dispute, between John Cena and Wyatt himself, in the first sensational Firefly Fun House match in WWE history.

Apparently, WWE is also expected to begin recording some of these twists in the coming weeks, thus beginning to move forward with the editing work on the Extreme Rules match. At the moment, no one has yet figured out what the return of the old Wyatt character means to that of Smackdown, but it is almost certain that this gimmick will also be included in the Extreme Rules match between the same former Wyatt Family leader and his ex disciple, in a contest that has all the air of being similar to that with John Cena of Wrestlemania and who should, therefore, see Bray Wyatt wanting to brainwash Strowman, just to tear off his beloved belt of Universal champion.

Erick Rowan’s non-compete clause is reportedly up on July 15th. This will be a few days before Extreme Rules, which will be taking place on July 19th.