WWE: Dave Meltzer reveals more details about a talent's positive test

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WWE: Dave Meltzer reveals more details about a talent's positive test

In the last few days, nothing has been done but to talk about which of the NXT superstars would have tested positive for the famous nasopharyngeal test to which all WWE wrestlers have recently undergone, with one of the athletes on the company's development roster, which would have resulted dangerously positive to the pandemic virus.

After the first news about the infection that would seem to be included in the wrestlers who fought every week on the roster of the Wednesday night show that goes on American TV in conjunction with AEW's Dynamite, some overseas sources would have denied it, or rather would have specified that yes the athlete was on-screen in recent weeks, but not to participate in active matches in the rings of the yellow show.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the talent that tested positive was a WWE NXT Women’s Superstar, which has not been used on TV. However, she was part of the crowd’s fans and was used on June 9.

WWE: More details about the positive test

Dave Meltzer added that, based on the test results received so far, no other talent or employee had contracted because of the aforementioned fighter. According to the latest news emerging from the Wrestling Observer and other authoritative overseas sources, therefore, the athlete who tested positive should not have had too close contacts with colleagues from NXT or those of the main roster in the last few days, even if managed to infect someone, the validity of the 14 days of incubation of the disease, would still be to be evaluated.

At the moment, however, WWE is trying in every way to keep the situation monitored, blocking the entrances to anyone of its crew at the Orlando Performance Center, with some people who would have already left the boat, such as Kevin Owens, who a stop period would be taken for the time being until the situation normalizes once again.

All this chaos caused the SmackDown recordings to be canceled and rescheduled for June 26. Meanwhile, Meltzer revealed an interesting note about the meeting rejected in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

"An interesting note is that those with a high level of creativity were never told about this, so it could have been Vince’s idea that he hardly told anyone about, but it was never serious enough to be in the WrestleMania discussions.

It could also be that you couldn’t do it without Barrett since he was the leader, and once he rejected it, the idea was dead."