Is Jeff Hardy leaving WWE?

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Is Jeff Hardy leaving WWE?

After the farewell of his older brother Matt Hardy, it seems that even the youngest of the Hardy Boyz, Jeff, can soon leave WWE, after spending some time away from the scenes for various personal problems, which led him once again to be arrested and with the leadership of the federation who also thought to build us on a storyline, which is still going on the air with Jeff Hardy and Sheamus as protagonists.

According to reports from several sources close to WWE in recent weeks, it would seem that the intention of the youngest of the "extreme" WWE couple, is precisely to abandon WWE once his current agreement with the McMahons has ended.

News on Jeff Hardy

Apparently, as reported by the well-known journalist Tom Colohue, the turn that Jeff Hardy's career in the Smackdown rings would have taken, would be a clear signal that the former WWE Champion is on course with WWE and therefore already with a foot out of the federation.

The last angles and the PPV match lost against Sheamus, according to the overseas journalist, would be clear symptoms that WWE is trying to exploit Jeff Hardy to enhance several other athletes who will remain, as in this case precisely: Sheamus.

Initially, the new push received by Hardy in his last return to the WWE rings seemed to push Matt's younger brother to even get to the Universal title at the moment alongside Braun Strowman, with the story of the car accident and the match lost against the WWE Celtic who would clash with this hypothesis.

Journalist Colohue would be confident that at the end of his contract, which would appear to be only a few months away, Jeff Hardy will abandon the WWE rings, probably to marry with his brother in the AEW or to follow plans other than wrestling or to have lean more time to devote to his family.

Jeff Hardy has been through some of the most challenging times in his career with substance abuse issues and DUI cases where he made headlines and didn’t serve well for himself. The company took the liberty of using it as a storyline and depending on where this storyline is heading, the retirement of Jeff Hardy could be near.

Hardy was arrested twice in 2019 for alcohol-related incidents. Now, eight months later, Hardy is involved in an angle based around his alcoholism. Based on professional wrestling history, that might not be the smartest decision for WWE or Hardy. It's long past time for WWE to put these kinds of angles in the past, where they belong.