WWE’s plan for Bray Wyatt revealed

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WWE’s plan for Bray Wyatt revealed

Bray Wyatt has come back to knock on Braun Strowman's door, claiming the title of Universal Champion lost against Goldberg and for the occasion appearing on SmackDown screens again in the old role of Eater of the Worlds, the leader of that Family who this allowed the current champion to debut on the main roster.

This, however, may not be the only surprise that WWE is preparing in view of Extreme Rules, a PPV that according to expectations should present a Bray Wyatt at a very high level.

WWE’s plan for Bray Wyatt

H. Jenkins of 'Ringside News' has reported that he has discovered exclusively that WWE is preparing a new cinematic wrestling match, along the lines of what happened at WrestleMania 36 in the acclaimed Firefly FunHouse Match against John Cena.

According to his words, the contest will have "shocking moments in great abundance" and will be "an absurd journey" In particular, the various personalities of Bray Wyatt are expected to be explored, from the swamp guru to the conductor of the children's show up to The Fiend of course: Jenkins compared him to Mick Foley, saying that everything could remember the era in which the Hardcore Legend was Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love as appropriate.

All this, however, should take place simultaneously. "I don't know if the retro version of Bray Wyatt will be kept for the duration of the match, in fact, he could present all three of his characters in the arc of the Extreme Rules match against Braun Strowman alone.

The whole thing could develop in many different ways "his source would have told Jenkins. Which he also specified as "Vince McMahon always wanted Bray Wyatt not to be presented as a psychopath, but a man with multiple personalities."

This could, therefore, be the framework for the next match of the former Universal Champion. And to confront him, on the other hand, "the only" Braun Strowman will be called to the defence. WWE could always bring back Husky Harris as well.

All they would need to do is give Wyatt a Nexus t-shirt, put on a shorter wig, and cover up some tattoos. There was also a short stint when Wyatt morphed into Sister Abigail. There were plans for Wyatt to wrestle as Sister Abigail in 2017. That TLC match against Finn Balor didn’t happen due to Wyatt getting the mumps.