Better working conditions for WWE talents

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Better working conditions for WWE talents

There has been a bad climate hovering around WWE, which has been playing every main roster show since mid-March (PPV included) at the Orlando Performance Center, as an extreme form of remedy to the health emergency that has broken out all over the world and has become particularly severe in the US.

What has long rebounded from America is that the climate is very heavy due to the conditions in which athletes are forced to work, which worsened further after some NXT talents were called to "go public", divided by the ring through some Plexiglas barriers.

A very heavy climate, which lately seems to be improving.

WWE takes major steps for ringside talents

This was revealed by a report by Sean Ross Sapp, who on 'Fightful Select' reported that the situation was decidedly uncomfortable in particular in two sessions of recordings (which could, however, have included many more shows, given that WWE is trying to concentrate the as much work as possible in many consecutive hours, to then give more days of rest to his Superstars).

In the meantime, however, even in Stamford they would have found a way to take measures to the situation, so much so that in recent weeks working on WWE shows would not be as heavy as in the previous period. In particular, a new air conditioning system has been developed, which makes it much more comfortable to spend hours and hours around a ring recording matches, promos or screams of a fan who is actually only simulated.

In particular, the NXT talents who play the fans finally have the opportunity to sit down when they are not in the frame, a solution that is actually very simple but which they had not initially thought about in WWE. The catering service has also been enhanced, allowing all those who work at the shows to eat and drink (including energy drinks) during long working days.

Some small but important innovations, which overall are making working for WWE become more pleasant and not simply a heavy-duty: someone who worked in WWE before and works there even now would have ensured Sean Ross Sapp without laps of words.

The tents where the tapings were held were also air-conditioned, helping the fans/recruits stay in a better mindset for longer. It is safe to say that the Performance Center recruits are now at least a little bit happier while participating in the tapings.