The Undertaker comments on being his own hardest critic

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The Undertaker comments on being his own hardest critic

On March 25, 2020, at WrestleMania 36, during the prime time main event, The Undertaker showed up with his old biker gimmick to face AJ Styles in a Boneyard match, defeating him by burying him alive. On June 21st, during the latest episode of 'The Last Ride', a miniseries aired on the WWE Network, The Undertaker announced his retirement from wrestling.

Speaking with Ed Mylett, the 'Deadman' recalled his experience watching his match with Roman Reigns for the first time while on camera for his documentary.

The Undertaker on being his own toughest critic

“Yeah, I’m my toughest critic, and I always have been.

You got everybody telling you through the course of your career — especially when you’re coming up — ‘Oh man, you’re great, you’re this, you’re that.’ And that’s fine.

But you’ve gotta take that and you have to put it aside. It’s like when back when I was coming up and I’d watch my matches back. Good, bad, indifferent, I always had to watch them alone because I didn’t want any feedback from anybody else saying, ‘Oh man, that was great.

That was, I mean, how did you do that? That was so cool!’. I wanted to watch, even on the good stuff, I wanted to watch and see what I did wrong, you know? I wanted to know what, okay, in that situation, what could I have done better to make that match better.

And that’s how you continue to grow" - The Undertaker explained. “...And what was so good about the documentary was, that was the actual first time that I watched it back. Being later in my career, at that point when I watched it back, I was pretty much gone.

I was just like, ‘I can’t, my body’s given out on me. And I have to start thinking long-term after 30-plus years.’ And so that was, that was really raw and real because I knew. I knew it was gonna be tough to watch.

And then having to do it in that environment with cameras on me. Completely out of character, right? So you got what you got as Mark thinking in his head like, there’s a lot of things that I wanted to say, obviously, that would have been bleeped and edited because I was so disappointed.

And not just disappointed for me. I was disappointed for Roman in that sense. Because it was my opportunity to give him something that was gonna push him to a higher level. And I didn’t deliver on that, and I can’t make excuses.

Yes, I was banged up and beat up, but I was there. So you know, I have a — in my mind, I have a responsibility. If my name is on the page, then you gotta go," The Undertaker added.