The Undertaker praises Edge and Randy Orton’s match at Backlash

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The Undertaker praises Edge and Randy Orton’s match at Backlash

On June 14th, at Backlash, Edge was defeated by Randy Orton in a very long match, called "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" Subsequently, Edge suffered a triceps injury during the bout, having to stay out of the scene for six to eight months.

On the latest 'After the Bell', The Undertaker discussed Edge and Randy Orton’s match at Backlash and explained what it had that most wrestling today is missing. “Prime example: my gosh, last night at Backlash.

Edge and Randy Orton — honestly, it almost brought a tear to my eye," The Undertaker said.

The Undertaker on the 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever'

"Because I haven’t seen that type of wrestling match in so long.

And I understand time parameters and everything else, that they had a lot of time. But my gosh, what a story they told. What an unbelievable story. And I sent Edge a text today. The next time I go down to the PC and work with guys, I’m gonna pull that tape up and show these guys and dissect — not that, it’ll probably be dissected a 100 times by then.

But just the little nuances of the things that those two guys did last night. It just — it was phenomenal, and it restored so much faith in where I think the business should be and could be. But that tape right there, that needs to be studied by our main roster guys.

That is what professional wrestling is, or what it’s supposed to be, is what they did last night, in my opinion" - The Undertaker explained. “It’s great being able to be as athletic as all these guys are.

But it really, at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything. Because when you rely on all that athleticism, and you rely solely on that athleticism? You continually push the envelope on our audience. Because they are going to get desensitized to the double backflip off the top to somebody on the floor.

They’re gonna see it a couple of times and then go, “Okay I’ve seen that. Now, what do you got for me?’ So what happens is, you have to continually push the envelope athletically, which puts you at a higher risk for injury.

These guys are — obviously, things are different right now but when things get back to normal, so does being back on the road 250 days a year. It’s self-preservation a lot of times. You have to work smart to make this last.

And that’s not taking a day off. You can work hard, and you should work hard every night. But, you have to work smart. And I think the guys right now are relying too much on athleticism and not enough on storytelling," The Undertaker concluded.