*Spoiler* New WWE 24/7 champion crowned on Raw

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*Spoiler* New WWE 24/7 champion crowned on Raw

Once again, the media circus created around the 24/7 WWE title has run its course, even during the last episode aired on Monday Night Raw's night, with R-Truth having been torn once again his beloved "child" and who will probably immediately try to go and reconquer as soon as possible.

But let's start from the facts. Already on the eve of the last episode of Raw, it had been announced how R-Truth should defend his WWE 24/7 Championship from the attack of Akira Tozawa, in a context that saw three other titles being offered, that of the champions female tag team, the male tag team of Raw and the female single champion of Asuka, with the champions who had to deal respectively with the IIconics, the Viking Raiders and Charlotte Flair.

During the segment that featured the Japanese Tozawa and the 24/7 champion R-Truth, obviously Bobby Lashley arrived to break the eggs in the champion's basket, after having lost his match with MVP against the pair last week formed by Drew McIntyre and R-Truth, he thought it well to take revenge on the Atlanta wrestler, going to attack him in a slimy and incorrect way.

New WWE 24/7 champion crowned

This attack on Raw cost the match to R-Truth so much that he couldn't help but be pinned after suffering a Full Nelson from Lashley, who actually left Truth on the sidelines. Akira Tozawa, who in the meantime had hidden under the ring like a ninja, returned from the scene after Lashley left the scene, going back to the now ex-champion and being crowned for the second time in his career WWE 24/7 Champion.

Bobby Lashley's attack on R-Truth could be the beginning of a feud for the MVP client, which could thus be "parked" by WWE in a secondary storyline, while Drew McIntyre is dealing with Dolph Ziggler to Extreme Rules.

It is very likely, in fact, that the story between McIntyre and Lashley has not completely ended, with The All Mighty that could soon return to the wing for a new occasion titled against the Scotsman. Just earlier this month, Rob Gronkowski’s record-breaking reign as WWE 24/7 Champion finally came to an end.

R Truth lifted the strap for the 36th time by disguising himself as a landscaper and pinning the NFL star for the win. Rob had defeated Mojo Rawley to the ground to win the title. In April, Rob had announced that he was returning to the NFL to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2020 season.