Former WWE Star Stu Bennett Talks About his WWE Exit

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Former WWE Star Stu Bennett Talks About his WWE Exit

Stu Bannett, the famous former WWE Star, spoke about his WWE exit recently on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. He was known as Wade Barrett in WWE. Stu Bannett is his real name. He was a heel wrestler but people actually started liking his ‘Bad News’ gimmick.

Stu is also a very powerful man, so he could perform power moves very easily. He spoke about being in a film called I Am Vengeance: Retaliation. "If you're in the US, you can watch the first film I Am Vengeance on Netflix.

That one was successful globally so we got an increased budget to make this second one," stated Bennett. "This is technically a sequel but it's completely standalone so if you haven't seen the first one, it doesn't matter.

You can watch this one and there's no backstory as it was specifically written that way. "This is very much about me being the hero which most people have never seen me in that kind of position before as certainly in my wrestling career I was always the villain.

I am leading a team of special forces operatives to go out and take down a guy who used to work for us. We thought he was dead but it turns out he was off the radar. He's alive and leading a band of mercenaries. So, we're sent out to take him and his team down and bring them to justice."

Former Star Stu Bennett On HIs WWE Exit

He then revealed that he did not have a master plan like Cody Rhodes did when he left WWE. Cody Rhodes is now one of the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. "When I left WWE, there was no master plan.

I always contrast with Cody who left a couple of months after I did. He had a master plan of what he wanted to do and he wanted to go out and wrestle all of these people on the indies. He wanted to go over to Japan and establish himself there and Ring of Honor.

Then, subsequently, from there this whole AEW opportunity bloomed for him," stated Stu Bennett. "I didn't have that at all. I left WWE because I was miserable and I knew the last thing I wanted to do when I woke up was get on a plane and go fly out and wrestle for them.

So that was it – no matter what else I figure out, I'm not gonna do this. From that, other opportunities started coming in like film opportunities and hosting a show on Netflix which I did, called Ultimate Beastmaster.

These are the kinds of things that happen when you're not in a restrictive contract that's taking up 100 per cent of your time."