WWE Legend Rick Flair Compares Himself to Randy Orton

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WWE Legend Rick Flair Compares Himself to Randy Orton

WWE Legend Ric Flair recently spoke about Randy Orton and how Orton compares to himself in his prime. Ric Flair was actually part of the storyline this week on RAW. He was on the Wrestling Inc. Daily and he spoke about being active during the pandemic.

"Oh, it was great. I'm the most fortunate guy in the world…," revealed Flair. "The morale was great. It was fun catching up with Randy as I've been friends with his dad for so many years. I literally call his dad every time Randy steals [a match].

His promos are on fire and it's a whole different style than mine. His promo and Edge's promo – they're just on fire. He is on a premium high in this business and I'm so happy for Randy that he's getting premium acknowledgement."

Edge and Randy Orton fought each other at WWE Backlash. Edge is currently on the shelf as he suffered a torn triceps. "I have not spoken to him personally, but I know those tears – the triceps, shoulder – it takes forever to heal.

And a thing you don't want to do is, you don't want to rush that cause they're easy to tear again and then it becomes more problematic," said Flair.

Ric Flair on Randy Orton Being Like Him

Ric then spoke about how Randy is at his peek these days.

"Well, I told Randy the other day. I said, 'Randy, the matches I had that everybody likes so well, even though we had millions of them, were when I turned 40. I was 40 years old when Steamboat was 35. The trilogy, right?' Randy just turned 40.

I said, 'You're just turning 40 and you're at the peak, you know,'" stated Flair. "Randy has always been this good, but I think he is into it right now. He's very, very, very involved with his family to that age that he's wrestled so many people and been in the ring so much that he can call on everything he has seen and experienced and it's right there.

He doesn't have to think about it. He's just that plain good right now. It's like Charlotte but in a shorter sequence of time." Randy Orton’s father was also part of the WWE at one time. Orton joined WWE in early 2000 and quickly became one of the most popular superstars in the company. He is a heel wrestler for the most part.