*Spoiler* Edge issues a warning to Randy Orton

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*Spoiler* Edge issues a warning to Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Edge met in Backlash in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, a challenge that saw The Viper triumph after a long battle and saw Edge emerge very battered. A few rumors days after this match have even approached the Canadian wrestler to a new retreat, but in today's edition of Raw, Edge was the protagonist of a promo, probably among the most memorable of recent times.

The expert athlete on Raw's roster has attacked Orton harshly, holding him responsible for everything he has done to him and everything he has done in the last week also against his friend Christian. He was always there for Edge and now he's been hard hit, the truth is that Orton has pushed Edge to his dark side and it's time to announce the reality: the Rated-R Superstar is back.

Edge's promo was received with interest and was seen as very bright. The Rated-R Superstar will return to hit Randy Orton again and that's for sure. It should be noted that after Backlash Edge he suffered a serious injury and surgery that will force him to stay out for several months.

Edge issues a warning to Randy Orton

After Edge's message, through official WWE channels, Randy Orton replied and said it would not be wise for Edge to return to the ring and challenge him again. The rivalry between Edge and Randy Orton was probably one of the biggest highlights of the entire 2020 in WWE.

Orton celebrated his return to Raw as Legend Killer while Edge will return in several months and return with the old and much loved gimmick. The Edge announcement had a great weight, also taking into account what had happened in the hours preceding the dispute of Raw, when his other intervention on Twitter, very cryptic, had feared several insiders that there could be he even a retreat in sight, as a consequence of the heavy injury that occurred in the Backlash ring.

Under different circumstances, Edge's sinister promo would have been seen as a heel turn, as he brought up Randy's family and told him he better get a good night's sleep with is wife while he still can. Maybe WWE is leaving the option on the table, as the climate may well have changed significantly by the time Edge is cleared to return to action.

Either way, this was great stuff, and we're glad the window has been left open for this feud to continue down the line.