WWE changed creative plans for Liv Morgan

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WWE changed creative plans for Liv Morgan

In recent months, former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan, the beautiful athlete who previously worked at Smackdown and who in the last period has instead been brought back to Raw with her first appearance that took place during the segment of the wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley, with Liv declaring her love for Lana shocking the whole world.

After a segment that was born and died at the same time and had no major aftermath in the following weeks, Liv Morgan returned to war with her ex-friend Ruby Riott, who had attacked her as soon as she returned from a long injury and with which he set up a mini-feud lasting a few weeks.

WWE changed plans for Liv Morgan

As seen in a backstage angle in the last episode of Monday Night Raw aired just a little over 24 hours ago, WWE has inexplicably brought Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott closer together in a segment of the show, opening up to a new possible twinning between two o'clock, after the constant quarrels and the "stabbings" behind the past weeks.

According to what reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, WWE would have completely changed line with Liv Morgan, going to cancel all the plans that Paul Heyman had prepared for her, when she was still the Executive Director of Raw, drastically upsetting both the character that story that has been told in recent weeks by Morgan.

She probably can’t complain much because it appears they are putting her back with Ruby Riott as a team. “Whatever it was with Liv it changes that, because obviously in [Heyman’s] regimen they wanted to build Liv as a big singles star”.

Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan are still good friends off-screen, but it has to feel incomplete since Sarah Logan’s release. We will have to see how WWE continues with this angle because Vince McMahon has dropped angles before.

Riott’s downplaying the possibility of two-thirds of the Squad reuniting, but come on - what else are they gonna do? Lana’s managing Natalya now*, so Morgan will need an ally if that feud is to continue. And the women’s tag scene is more of a thing now than it’s ever been before, so a Ruby/Liv team can be useful in that way, too.

It’s not what some hoped for Morgan, and many will wonder why they didn’t just, ya know, push the Riott Squad in the first place.