WWE Legend The Undertaker Talks About Matches with Giant Gonzalez

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WWE Legend The Undertaker Talks About Matches with Giant Gonzalez

WWE Legend, The Undertaker spoke about his matches with Giant Gonzalez on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast. Vince McMahon used to put The Undertaker against larger wrestlers during his early years. He used feuded with King Kong Bundy, Kamala, Psycho Sid, and Giant Gonzalez.

The Undertaker described how it was like working with those superstars. He stated that Vince McMahon used to put him in the ring with people that did not have much experience. "I begged him all the time," Undertaker said.

"It was funny because I knew somebody would come in and I would know, even before I got the call into his office I knew he's heading my way." The Undertaker then went on to say that he wanted to work with Yokozuna, who was the only wrestler at the time who could work a great match, while also being more than 400 pounds.

The Undertaker on His Matches with Giant Gonzalez

"He came in around the same time Yokozuna came in," Taker said. "He was doing a dark match in Baltimore so I see Vince standing there watching him and me and him are both watching him and the stuff that he's doing and the kicks he's throwing at 400 pounds.

I remember turning my head to Vince and saying 'Please, please, please, let me work with him first' Vince laughs, 'You'll work with him in time, but I've got somebody else in mind for you' I kid you not, coming down the hall from the other direction here comes Giant Gonzalez and Vince goes 'That's your guy'"

The Undertaker fought Gonzalez at WrestleMania 9. The match ended via DQ. Undertaker would then went on to face Gonzalez at SummerSlam. Undertaker was able to beat Gonzalez in that match which was a Rest in Peace match. "That whole thing took years off my career," Taker said.

"I would be in much better shape now if I could've skipped that one program. As physically demanding as it was, it was twice as much the mental strain because you have Bret, Yokozuna going out and having these great matches.

Obviously you want to be mentioned in the same breath as those guys and it was just not possible”. The Undertaker became a WWE legend during his mid-career. He won most of his WrestleMania matches and fought some of the best WWE wrestlers of all-time. He is not retired yet but is close to the end of his career.