Multiple people at WWE Performance Center reportedly test positive

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Multiple people at WWE Performance Center reportedly test positive

As reported just a little over a week ago, within the WWE there would have been the first positive test result for the famous virus that has been bringing the whole world to its knees, especially the United States in the last two months, with WWE appearing to be entered a very dangerous round, after which several of her Stars would become infected.

But let's start from the beginning. The first athlete to test positive for the famous nasopharyngeal swab that would serve to see if the patient has contracted the new form of COVID-19 would be an NXT athlete who would also have taken part in the main roster TV tapings audience, with the possibility that he had infected some other colleague who was in fact likely.

Apparently, in the last few hours, several other WWE athletes would have tested positive, with the management that is currently keeping under control any type of flu or symptom that may be associated with the virus, in a truly scrupulous way.

Multiple WWE personalities reportedly test positive

As reported by several online newspapers, first of all PW Insider, even a WWE Superstar who took part in the latest television tapings would have tested positive for the virus, with the possibility that the infected could have created a chain effect that is now if not certain at least very possible.

The thing that makes WWE, its workers and fans even more worried, is the news that emerged a few hours ago, which sees the same PW Insider website affirm how several dozen athletes and professionals would now have tested positive.

As reported in an update, in fact, the well-known site writes: "An internal source believes the positives are around two dozen units, including Superstars, staff and production." Apparently, WWE would have asked its athletes and employees to isolate themselves once they became aware of the test results so that they could develop all the symptoms of the disease and pass it on without infecting anyone else.

We will see if the situation in WWE will remain under control or if there will be a very serious outbreak that will lead the federation to have to close its doors at least for a while until the worst has passed; however, we are awaiting updates from overseas sites or from WWE itself, which will probably issue an official press release in the next few hours, if these facts are real and confirmed.