Booker T explains how he respects The Undertaker

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Booker T explains how he respects The Undertaker

The Undertaker is the longest-running wrestler in the history of WWE, a federation in which he has fought for about thirty years. He is considered by many to be one of the best fighters of the company and of all time: in this regard, in 2012 the Imagine Games Network website ranked him in second place among "the 50 best wrestlers in history", while in 2013 the British portal Digital Spy recognized him as "the greatest superstar to have ever fought in WWE"

On the latest edition of his Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T explained how he respects The Undertaker.

Booker T on The Undertaker

“It wasn’t something that I wasn’t aware of, but it made feel a certain a way, and I’m sure Mark [Calaway], The Undertaker, has gotten to the point where he feels he’s done everything in wrestling.

He’s seen it all. He’s done it all. He’s been all over the world many times over. But to watch that little girl grow up and maybe walk her down the aisle one day, that’s the ultimate championship for him.

I know it is for me. But to see him walk away from the game man, I salute him. I definitely give him the salute and say, ‘Hey man, you did it. Nobody else did it better as far as going out there and weathering the storm.’ But more importantly, man, the guy was a leader, man.

The guy was a soldier, a general. Not just a soldier, he was the head general, a guy that we all looked up to because worked harder than all of us, but he was the guy, always to be the first one to say, ‘Hey man. Let’s go out here and do this together.’ You know, that’s what I appreciate about that dude, man" - Booker T said.

“Since Day 1 when I came into that company, he took me [aside] and said, ‘Hey man, thanks for being a part of this team.’ You know what I mean? And you are part of the team. And him and I, even right now, like I say, a couple of weeks ago, just playing golf.

I beat that boy down like he stole something, but that’s another story" - he added. Taker announced his retirement as a professional wrestler in June 2020 but still allows WWE to sell his merchandise.