Edge believes Roman Reigns should have ended 'The Streak'

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Edge believes Roman Reigns should have ended 'The Streak'

On January 26th, at the Royal Rumble, Edge made his return to the ring after nine years participating in the match of the same name entering with the number 21 but was eliminated by Roman Reigns after making three eliminations.

The following evening, during Raw, he announced that he wanted to continue his career, and shortly after he was joined by Randy Orton (his ex-partner in Rated-RKO); and after proposing to meet, Orton hit him with an RKO, then repeatedly attacked him with two chairs, injuring him (kayfabe).

Edge then returned to Raw's March 9th episode by attacking Montel Vontavious Porter, who had insulted him while the two were in the ring, and shortly thereafter also Randy Orton with an RKO, taking revenge. On March 26th, on the second evening of WrestleMania 36, ​​Edge defeated Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match.

On June 14, in Backlash, Edge was defeated by Randy Orton in a very long match, called "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" Subsequently, Edge suffered a triceps injury during the bout, having to stay out of the scene for six to eight months.

On the Busted Open podcast, the Canadian superstar believed Roman Reigns should have ended "The Streak"

Edge on The Undertaker's Streak

"I know this sounds crazy, but I felt I didn't need it because, by that point, I was already established," Edge explained.

"I was already a made man, and why give an already made man that feather in the cap? Brock Lesnar didn't need it. He's already made. Put that huge, neon-flashing sign, 'I ended Undertaker's Streak', on a new player that you know is gonna be one of your workhorses and take your company to the next generation.

To me, it shouldn't have ended until his final match. I said for years, let it be Roman Reigns, and at the end of the day, that will be the true passing of the torch. Well, it didn't end up that way" - he added. Edge had been tasked with putting up an amazing show at Backlash.

His match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 was great, but it only put more pressure on the superstars to top their previous performance. Throughout the buildup to Backlash, the match was constantly hyped as ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’.

Edge will be back as soon as he can, and odds are he isn’t finished with Randy Orton. Those two seem to be in a war of words. Other legends are going to likely play victim to RKO until Edge’s return. He was really was injured during the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. Actually, he was injured while doing “re-shoots” following the initial match.