WWE Analyst Ranee Young’s COVID-19 Update

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WWE Analyst Ranee Young’s COVID-19 Update

Ranee Young, the famous WWE Backstage Analyst, reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. She is a very famous analyst and a former WWE commentator and backstage interviewer. She quickly rose the corporate ladder in WWE and she became one of the most recognized faces in the company.

Ranee Young is currently working at FS1 for WWE. She hosts her own show where she speaks about various WWE related stuff. Young had to cancel her recent FS1 appearance and show as she has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Ranee Young Tests Positive for COVID 19

According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio, she took the test last week. She tested positive. It was noted that the symptoms did not start early. She started losing her sense of smell and taste over the past few days.

Ranee also reportedly looked very sick. Jon Moxley, the current AEW World Champion, is Ranee’s husband. Jon got tested for COVID 19 recently as he came into contact with someone who could possibly have the virus. His result came back negative.

Doctors advised him to go to a hotel and self-quarantine himself. Jon actually decided against it and stated that he has already contracted the virus but it is taking a while for the results to show positive. He also wants to be with Ranee during her bad time.

Ranee is one of the many WWE stars that have reportedly tested positive for the virus this week. The pandemic has badly effected the world of professional wrestling ever since it started. Most states in the US barred gatherings from taking place and that is the reason why most wrestling promotions cannot hold live events anymore.

That means that only a few promotions can actually still operate and make money by holding events in empty arenas. Since WWE and AEW have TV shows, they can make it through the pandemic with relative ease. Other smaller indie wrestling promotions are struggling to survive these days.

Many stars might even refuse to work WWE shows and AEW shows now, as the virus is showing no signs of stopping. There were no real cases of any WWE stars getting infected for several months, but now things have changed. Many wrestling PPV events also had to take place inside empty arenas to make sure that the risk of transmission is relatively low.

We hope that Ranee Young and Moxley make a full recovery and do not fall prey to the deadly virus that has taken so many lives in the past several months.