The Undertaker tribute announced for this week

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The Undertaker tribute announced for this week

As announced by the interested party in the last episode of the docu-series dedicated to him, The Last Ride, The Undertaker seems to have decided to stop fighting, with the Deadman who in the last minutes of the episode of the series, has, in fact, revealed that to this point of his career and his private life, he would have communicated to Vince McMahon that he preferred to stay at home with his family instead of making commitments with WWE, dedicating himself now only to his loved ones, even if Vince needs him he knows where find it.

To many, this retirement communicated in a TV series says nothing to many other fans instead, it only gives confirmation of what they thought for a long time and that is that Taker is no longer able to fight as only he knew how to do and therefore in order to avoid problems of any kind, the wrestler has finally decided to hang his boots on the nail, before hurting himself or seriously hurting a colleague in the middle of the ring.

SmackDown will feature a tribute to The Undertaker

After receiving thanks and tributes from thousands of colleagues and fans on all social networks, including an image posted by WWE immediately after its announcement in The Last Ride, the tributes for the Deadman seem to be unfinished, with WWE has announced in the last hours that it will send something entirely related to the Deadman in the next episode of Smackdown, which will be aired as usual tonight, on FOX TV screens.

Apparently, The Undertaker will not actively participate in the blue show, given the recent problems related to the numerous positive tests for the virus, but much more likely, a video tribute to the Deadman will be aired, with many thanks for the majestic career carried out by the undertaker in 30 years of WWE, with the company that certainly will not spare the graces, interviews and tributes to one of the athletes who has given so much to the cause of the McMahons, putting his life at risk more and more times.

We can only assume that this will be a video package and The Deadman didn’t make the trip to Florida. WWE has a lot of issues going on in the company right now with positive coronavirus tests. A longer video segment could help fill time is they’re working with a limited roster.