WWE reveals why not canceling shows

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WWE reveals why not canceling shows

The virus that is literally gripping the whole world, with violence and an ability to pass from one human being to the other that is truly impressive, apparently in the last two weeks has involved the USA in a particular way, reaching several victims and also to infect several healthy citizens, who in any case spent weeks that were not easy, including some athletes and WWE workers.

In the last few hours, in fact, some news about the internal situation of the WWE crew is not circulating, not very serene, with insiders, road agents, company managers and several athletes who in fact may soon be positive for the virus, after the first one infected about 10 days ago, at NXT, which could have triggered a chain reaction that will hardly be stopped in a short time.

WWE reveals why not canceling shows

Apparently, if all this were not enough, even the new internal regulations of the individual states would have put the wheels on the big WWE caravan, with several members of the company that would have to do hundreds and hundreds of kilometers by car to be able to deviate several obstacles on American soil, with several states that have in fact closed their borders to other inhabitants, subject to a self-quarantine of at least two weeks.

As reported by Dave Meltzer in one of the latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, in fact, some states in the USA, such as Florida or Texas, would not allow internal travel between states if those who enter will not undergo at least a mandatory quarantine two weeks.

In a conference call with Sports Hiatus, Global Head Sales and Partnership EVP John Brody spoke about WWE’s decision to keep the shows live during the pandemic. “The health and safety of our superstars is paramount.

It is about leadership in many ways. Our leader [Vince McMahon] He believes we have a social responsibility to put fans first and help them rest from what’s next. and what we are in the middle of. We have a responsibility to make them forget for a few hours and we will give them a smile and the opportunity to feel something different from what they are seeing, which is also important in the news.

We are inclined to say ‘let’s put fans first’ and we will do everything we can, working as a state, local and federal company to make sure it is safe for our most important resource, WWE Superstars, and we are going to do everything possible to deliver content for our partners and our fans”.