Dominick Mysterio will be making his debut in the ring in no time

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Dominick Mysterio will be making his debut in the ring in no time

In the past few weeks, Dominik Mysterio has persistently appeared at Raw Dominick. The wrestler, son of Rey Mysterio, is now ready for his debut and in the coming weeks, he will challenge his first opponents on the red roster.

One of the questions that intrigued the experts concerns the choice of WWE to insert Dominick immediately in the main roster without making him cross the NXT roster. Often the federation of Vince McMahon prefers to make his young talents debut at NXT and only afterwards does he tend to launch them at Raw and Smackdown; the son of art is instead of taking a different path than athletes, such as Charlotte Flair, another daughter of art on the red show.

Dominick Mysterio will be making his debut

In the latest episode of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz discussed Dominick's upcoming debut and WWE's choice to bypass NXT. Here are his statements: "As of 2019, I was aware that WWE would have allowed Dominick to skip NXT.

I think it all stems from initial agreements with Rey Mysterio, I am not sure of this even because it has been a long time since Dominick's WWE debut over Rey's signature. I think it was a sort of WWE favor for the Mexican wrestler and I also think that the federation has a lot of confidence in Dominick."

According to some rumors, in the WWE backstage they were very impressed by the wrestler and his technical skills. According to Colohue, the federation wants to launch a 6-man Tag Team with a team made up of Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo and the other made up of Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory.

However, the addition of Dominick to the meeting is not excluded: the son of art could participate in his first PPV by replacing a Face. In recent weeks, to tell the truth, a sensational twist with Dominick's "betrayal" of his father and an alliance with Rollins and his group had not been ruled out, but at the moment WWE seems to have shelved this idea.

Senior managers within the company were said to be impressed with Dominik’s knowledge of the business and technical experience. It was also noted in August that WWE officials felt Dominik Mysterio would improve by being alongside his legendary father than having a season on NXT.

The current plan appears to be to have a six-man team match at Extreme Rules between Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo’s team against Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory.