WWE Extreme Rules officially a 'Horror Show'

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WWE Extreme Rules officially a 'Horror Show'

WWE has not stopped churning out news in the last period, after a pandemic that has hit the whole world and especially the USA in recent weeks, WWE has had to deal with the most varied and strange problems that have ever been seen around to a pro-wrestling show, such as a prolonged absence of the audience in the room that apparently will remain so for at least another several months and with the WWE that is doing everything to entertain its fans from home, creating the shows as original and fun as possible.

The latest invention that is trying to stage WWE for its next July PPV, or Extreme Rules, which will be aired on July 19 or in about three weeks, will have a very interesting novelty for its fans who are already they would be puzzling to understand what it could be, given the first clues issued by the company management.

WWE is now dubbing Extreme Rules as The Horror Show. This verbiage appears on the website, and it could hint at an overall theme.

WWE Extreme Rules officially a 'Horror Show'

Apparently, at least until last year, it was so, the PPV that WWE will air in less than a month, Extreme Rules, was to be a pay-per-view totally tied to the special stipulations of the matches.

Until 2019, in fact, in the extreme PPV card, there were matches such as TLC match, Tables match, NO DQ match and so on, with the main Superstars of the WWE roster who culminated their storylines and their feuds in very tough matches in the night of the extreme PPV of the federation.

What this year could drastically change the product offered by WWE, is almost certainly the match that will be staged once again between Bray Wyatt, who has also returned to use the character of the Eater of Worlds in the last episode of Smackdown and the universal champion Braun Strowman, in a match that although it has not yet been officialised by the WWE, it seems however that it will be staged in the PPV of July.

What fans still don't know, however, is that WWE has started to refer to Extreme Rules as a "horror" product, with lots of captions and synopsis related to it, that in the various TV guides and in the various paid channels Americans, are thus reported.

According to several insiders, this choice would be found in the film match that the WWE management os preparing, with the horror world that would thus completely cover the sense of Wyatt's gimmick. We will see what WWE, Wyatt and Strowman will prepare for Extreme Rules and above all, if they will invent yet another historical match to be broadcast on WWE TV screens, after having already attended the Boneyard match and the Firefly Fun House match in Wrestlemania 36, which stunned WWE Universe fans.