Masks Being Used at WWE Performance Center

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Masks Being Used at WWE Performance Center

According to a report and some photos on social media, WWE Superstars and now wearing masks while appearing at WWE Performance Center. The WWE Performance Center is the place where most of the WWE shows are now taking place.

WWE had to stop doing live events and canceled most of its PPV events as most states did not allow WWE to hold live events. Most wrestling promotions in the world were forced to cancel their events as they could not risk holding gatherings.

Only WWE and All Elite Wrestling are the two promotions that can operate even during the pandemic as they can hold their shows inside empty arenas. It was reported that many WWE stars tested positive for COVID-19 this week.

Even the very famous, Ranee Young, who works at WWE Backstage tested positive for the virus. That has forced WWE to take extreme measures and now their superstars that work during the pandemic have to wear masks.

WWE Stars To Wear Masks While Visiting Performance Center

In order to create an atmosphere inside the empty arenas, most WWE stars would be cheering from the stands.

They will now be wearing masks while they would be in the stands. The WWE recently taped Smackdown, 205 Live, and Main Event recently. They will be taping more content on Saturday. NXT talents Rita Reis, Shotzi Blackheart, and Catalina Garcia posted their pictures on their social media accounts.

All of them were wearing masks to tell the public that they will now have to wear masks to make sure that they do not get infected as well. Apparently, the WWE may have more than 10 of their superstars infected with the virus.

WWE is reportedly going to conduct several more rounds to make sure that they know exactly who is fit to work. On AEW’s side, it was reported that Jon Moxley may also be infected. Jon Moxley was Dean Ambrose in WWE. Jon has reportedly refused to self-quarantine himself, as his wife, Ranee Young needs him.

Moxley’s former group member, Roman Reigns, who is still part of the WWE, refused to work during the pandemic as he has a weak immune system. Many people believe that the world will be hit by a second wave of the COVID-19 virus. The first wave has already taken many lives and is still quite dangerous as a vaccine has not been made.