Will Bray Wyatt stay at WWE SmackDown?

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Will Bray Wyatt stay at WWE SmackDown?

In the latest episodes of Friday Night SmackDown, Bray Wyatt has returned to challenge once again the absolute champion of the WWE blue brand, Braun Strowman, after remaining out of the scene for several days after Money in the Bank, for the birth of his last daughter had by ex WWE announcer JoJo Offerman.

What many if not all WWE Universe fans did not expect, however, is that the former Wyatt Family leader showed up in the last episode of Smackdown in the form of Eater of Worlds, or his old gimmick he had in WWE when he was head of the family.

Apparently, the creative direction of the federation would have chosen in common agreement with the wrestler to bring his old character back to life, making him coexist at the moment also with the other two personalities of the athlete, the "normal" Wyatt and the Fiend.

Rumors on Bray Wyatt's future

According to what reported by the well-known Sportskeeda site, however, several details would not return in this matter, with Braun Strowman who would, in fact, become the absolute champion of the WWE blue brand by pure chance, given the abandonment of Roman Reigns only a few hours before the registration of Wrestlemania and with the WWE which thus had to veer sensationally and quickly on the bearded giant of SmackDown.

Apparently, therefore, WWE would now be at a crossroads, according to what reported by the journalist Tom Colohue, that is to win Bray Wyatt making him once again Universal champion and then wait for the return of Roman Reigns, or to win the giant of the show blue, then moving Wyatt to Raw? According to the theory of the well-known journalist of the famous pro-wrestling newspaper, in fact, WWE could soon go in this direction: "As for Strowman, he was the right man in the right place, but he was also lucky with this title.

This never entered WWE's plans. Unfortunately for Braun, there are a lot of rumors that would disagree with him in the backstage and many of them do not favor his corner. There is always a lot of debate about whether Strowman is the right guy or not to cover this figure, but the SmackDown main event, at the moment, is really very skinny.

What I think will happen shortly is that if The Fiend loses, then Wyatt will likely go to Raw, if the Fiend wins instead, Roman Reigns will likely return soon. As for Strowman, however, I don't know anything and I think it's a negative sign."

According to what reported by Colohue, therefore, the WWE leadership would not be totally compact in seeing Strowman champion for a long time, with the names of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt becoming more insistent as the next champions who could soon replace Braun Strowman as one of WWE's flagship faces.