WWE is furious with superstars who partied during pandemic

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WWE is furious with superstars who partied during pandemic

In the last few weeks and especially in the last few days, the situation inside the WWE seems to be getting worse every day, with several athletes and professionals who have announced that they have the virus that has created a global pandemic and with the WWE which risks shortly having to close their doors to their shows, at least temporarily.

To become positive for the famous nasopharyngeal swab to see if you have the virus until now it would have been Renee Young, an unidentified NXT athlete (who would also be the one who probably started the chain reaction ten days ago) and Jamie Noble.

Although the three confirmed their positivity to the virus, there would be at least another twenty infected in WWE, at least so is reported by numerous online sources, with the names that would come out every hour, including that of Kayla Braxton, that apparently she would have been infected for the second time, after being healed only a few weeks ago.

Although the situation is certainly not the best, several WWE Superstars continue to "party", immortalizing themselves in some shots while they go to drink at the bar or while they continue to go out to eat, in the restaurant, or in other places, despite the WWE has told them to try and avoid all kinds of crowded places.

WWE is furious with some superstars

This is what PW Inside said about it: "A conversation between WWE wrestlers in recent days is disbelief towards those in the locker room who have been socially in bars and gatherings and posting on social media in the wake of everything that has happened since the company started informing them about positive cases of COVID-19."

WWE discovered positive results from coronavirus testing in every part of the company, including the wrestlers, staff, and production team. Each case is troubling. We can only hope that something can be done to stop the spread of this terrible disease.

Meanwhile, it is still a very good idea to stay home. Apparently, some superstars would be not only poorly disciplined, but they would not even have respect for themselves and for the health of their colleagues, caring highly of the basic health rules in these cases and continuing their lives as if nothing had happened, with the McMahons who they will probably also take some action on them if they don't stop with these behaviors.