Ric Flair not returning to WWE due to pandemic

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Ric Flair not returning to WWE due to pandemic

In the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been repeatedly called to give support to his former protégé since the time of Evolution, or Randy Orton. In the last episodes of the red show, in fact, Flair joined Orton in his battle against Edge and as a result also in that against the brother of the Rated R Superstar, Christian, who had returned to play a match in an episode of Raw, after years of his retirement, but ending in a real ambush orchestrated by the Legend Killer and by the Nature Boy himself, who after attacking him from behind with a low blow, then treacherously attacked the Canadian's head with a Punt Kick, sending him away with an ambulance.

Update on Ric Flair

Apparently, in the past few days, several WWE athletes and insiders would have tested positive for the nasopharyngeal swab test to see if you have covid, with WWE taking all kinds of precautions to ensure that the outbreak does not it expands or expands, but with several dozen employees who seem now infected, including some very important Superstar of the main roster, whose names have not been mentioned, however.

After the emergence of the names of Renee Young, Kayla Braxton and Jamie Noble, the number of infections seems to spread more and more within the WWE crew, with the number of infections, with several insiders who would have refused to continue working with WWE in such a situation.

Among the many who have already communicated their temporary "goodbye" to the tapings of the federation, there is obviously also Ric Flair, the 71-year-old father of Charlotte Flair, who has already had some serious health problems in recent years and who cannot just afford to get sick with this devastating virus.

Apparently, the WWE Hall of Famer would have informed WWE that it could no longer work in the federation's rings even as a manager, at least until this internal contagion situation is resolved. Ric Flair could still appear on Monday Night Raw with some satellite connection or maybe WWE will find a stratagem to oust his Hall of Famer twice from the storyline in which he was involved, without creating any kind of problem.

We will have to see when Ric Flair returns to WWE television. His next appearance will likely be via satellite unless things change around the WWE Performance Center.