Backstage News on Renee Young Testing Positive for novel virus

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Backstage News on Renee Young Testing Positive for novel virus

Ranee Young, the famous WWE analyst, recently tested positive for COVID-19. It has also been reported that several WWE superstars have tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Even after all of this, WWE is still continuing its operation and an anonymous WWE wrestler stated that WWE is not letting wrestlers that have COVID-19 actually speak about it.

Reportedly, more than 10 WWE superstars are currently infected. Renee Young and Kayla Braxton, and producers Adam Pearce and Jamie Noble have all tested positive for COVID-19. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that it was most likely a female NXT Superstar that most likely spread the virus to other people inside the WWE Performance Center.

It has also been reported that tapings for the next few events have been postponed so that WWE can carry out another round of tests to make sure that they can get everybody positive out of the WWE Performance Center.

Ranee Young Tests Positve for COVID -19

It was also reported that Young took the test on her own and it was not the WWE that tested her.

The news that she has tested positive emerged with Jon Moxley was pulled from an AEW event. Moxley is Ranee Young’s husband and Moxley suspects that he too is infected. Young actually announced on Twitter that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

According to reports, Young started feeling sick on Monday. She felt pressure on her chest. She was then bedridden and eventually lost her sense of taste and smell. This was reported by the Wrestling Observer Radio. Even though both of them got tested, Moxley’s results still came back negative.

Young’s results came back positive. After testing positive, she immediately contacted WWE and told them everything. Moxley told AEW about the news and stated that he had been with his wife the entire time. Even tough Moxley knew that his result for negative, he didn’t want to put other AEW wrestlers at risk.

He decided to not work for AEW for several days or until he is sure that he does not have the virus in his system anymore. He also didn’t want to leave Ranee Young alone as she might need her husband at all times during her recovery.

The Observer also noted that Triple H and Vince McMahon did not contact Ranee Young even after they heard the news. We do not really know why.