AJ Styles plans for the future

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AJ Styles plans for the future

In recent times, the pandemic has dramatically distorted all WWE plans, in some cases, even in situations valid for the title. Sami Zayn has been deprived of the title of WWE Intercontinental Champion after his choice to refuse to work because of the virus danger.

WWE has therefore launched a tournament in Smackdown for the title and it was AJ Styles who triumphed, winner of this title for the first time in his career. The Phenomenal One defeated rival Daniel Bryan in the final of the tournament in a tough clash.

Last week, during the athlete's award ceremony, the blue roster debutant Matt Riddle spoke. The two challenged each other in an invalid match for the title and it was Riddle who triumphed. According to Dave Meltzer, the next feud for the WWE Intercontinental Champion title will be between Styles and Matt Riddle, with the ex-leader of The OC called to defend his title.

Rumors on AJ Styles

A title bout between AJ Styles and Drew Gulak had been called this week, but the challenge did not take place. There will probably be a match in the coming weeks and The Phenomenal One will defend the title against Gulak and in a rematch against Bryan.

Subsequently, however, the main program of the federation is a match from "Main Event" against the rising star coming from NXT, precisely Riddle. The goal of WWE is to use The Original Bro as an authentic superstar and a victory of the wrestler title appears easily predictable, so as to launch it at the top of the federation.

The latest accusations made against Riddle could obviously change the scenarios, but the federation of Vince McMahon seems at this moment to have complete confidence in his wrestler. Meltzer also predicted what will happen in WWE in other feuds: according to the New Days, the feud against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura will continue while the US title champion Apollo Crews defend the title against Bobby Lashley or even MVP.

AJ Styles was ready to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Drew Gulak on SmackDown this week, but the fight did not take place. Although The Phenomenal AJ Styles will likely face Drew Gulak and possibly Daniel Bryan in the future, his next big rivalry will be with The Original Bro Matt Riddle.

This is what WON had to say: "AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle appears to be the main destination for the IC title after Riddle debuted and beat Styles in an untitled fight."