WWE reportedly rescinds offer to top indie talent

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WWE reportedly rescinds offer to top indie talent

In the last few weeks, a hashtag was born on social networks that quickly became a real movement of victims, with which several people (mostly women) felt encouraged to reveal the atrocious violence suffered by some characters related to the world of wrestling, including WWE Superstars.

With the motto "SpeakingOut", in fact, dozens of people have reported their rapists, even going so far as to branch out very important details of such violence, which very often, however, also seem to be exaggerations or even inventions.

In cases like these, in fact, having no evidence against either side, it is never easy to totally believe the victim or the torturer, always trying to weigh the words of the two interested parties with great difficulty. In WWE, only in the past week, the names of several athletes would have come out, who apparently would have been accused by several women of abusing them, including the talent that just arrived in the Smackdown rings, Matt Riddle, who promptly rejected the charges.

Apparently, WWE and several other US entities, after these accusations, would have begun to investigate internal and external companies, with the various athletes who would have been accused by the most disparate people of this violence.

Furthermore, according to the journalist Jon Alba, the WWE leadership even denied a new contract to a top young talent of the indies, of which he did not name, however, the latter being also embroiled in the investigation for rape.

Rumors on WWE pulling NXT contract offer

Jon Alba reported, “I’ve heard from multiple sources about #WWE pulling a contract offer from a top young talent involved in the recent string of s****l allegations that have come out about pro wrestlers.

Obviously a situation, the company (and everyone) has to take very seriously”. This was a talent WWE planned to bring in through NXT. Also, Alba later added that this offer was not for anyone who is currently under contract to the company.

As previously noted, both Ligero, Jack Gallagher, and Travis Banks were released by WWE after allegations of s****l harassment, assault, and misconduct surfaced against them during the #SpeakingOut movement. Superstars like Jack Gallagher, Ligero, and Travis Banks have been released following allegations while others are currently being investigated.

WWE is taking all accusations quite seriously, including those against possible signees. There were a lot of names from the indie wrestling scene who appeared on the list of accused offenders. It’s unclear exactly who it was that WWE was looking to hire, but the accusations that came out as part of the movement stopped them from getting an opportunity.