WWE: Vince McMahon plans on having shows with fans

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WWE: Vince McMahon plans on having shows with fans

Heavy weather in the last days in WWE, with various contagions and situations of generalized anxiety and increasingly difficult to hide even in the Stamford home. Despite the widespread apprehension and the rumors (or perhaps it would be better to say advice) to loosen the grip and even evaluate an interruption of the company's shows (from Raw to SmackDown up to the PPV), the impression is that it is going towards a completely different solution.

Indeed, the opposite. According to the authoritative 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter', in fact, Vince McMahon not only manifested his intention not to brake, but even to accelerate. His goal is, in fact, to move away from the patterns adopted in recent weeks and to return regularly to record Raw and SmackDown.

But this time not with an audience made up of emerging NXT stars and young students from the Performance Center, but with an actual fan audience. Maybe in small numbers compared to habits, but still in shows open to the crowd.

The dates by which Vince McMahon would like to give substance to his edict, which should become concrete by the end of July or at the beginning of August at the latest, would also circulate. The hypothesis on which the WWE management would be working is to try to reopen the doors of SmackDown on the occasion of the episode of July 24th and those of Raw the next 27th.

Obviously, it remains to be determined not only if this will be possible, but also how many spectators are actually interested in exposing themselves to such risks and especially in the face of what forms of prevention.

WWE has had plans to make TV shows with crowds

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, live SmackDown and RAW shows could be returning as early as next month, with Vince McMahon looking into running them at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL.

So why is WWE rushing to bring fans back? Because Vince McMahon is 'determined' to be the first person to run a live indoor sports event with fans during the pandemic. "The last word is that [live shows] may be pushed to August," Dave Meltzer reports.

"But the July dates were originally set to be announced this coming week because Vince McMahon was determined to be the first person to run a live indoor sports event with a crowd." The plan was to allow fans but still practice social distancing, which would mean they have to limit the crowds to a percentage of the allowed capacity.

WWE hasn’t had regular fans at one of their TV events since early March due to the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no word yet on how the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in WWE might change these plans, but we will keep you updated.