Everything is different in the backstage following Paul Heyman's departure

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Everything is different in the backstage following Paul Heyman's departure

In the past few weeks, there has been a real revolution in WWE backstage, especially regarding the Monday Night Raw roster, where Paul Heyman had been head of the creative team for about a year, in command of the entire show.

together with the company's Chairman, Vince McMahon. After his dismissal as Executive Director of the red brand, Vince McMahon replaced Mad Genius with his colleague Bruce Prichard, who drastically changed all positions and roles in the creative team, going to create a type of writing that is decidedly different to that of Heyman.

Vince McMahon grew tired of waiting for Paul Heyman’s plan to build Superstars. He wanted big Superstars and he needed them now. Heyman was removed from his Executive Director position and now everything is different backstage.

Paul Heyman's departure: Everything is different in the backstage

Apparently, the new typology of WWE backstage processing would have been so much changed that even the approach with Vince McMahon himself in proposing new ideas to him would also have been changed.

According to reports from the well-known Ringside News site, in fact, Paul Heyman was one of those characters who tried in every way to involve in his thought and ideas also the patron of WWE, trying to convince him that this idea was the best, involving him and urging him towards these changes.

Apparently, this tactic would not only have been abandoned in its entirety, but a new approach technique to Vince would have been adopted, which would be completely opposite to the previous one of the mad genius. As revealed by an internal WWE source to the well-known overseas site, in fact, the new producers led by Prichard now would go straight to the point with Vince, trying not to get bored and not waste too much time explaining a certain idea, so as to get an answer quickly, which is possibly positive.

Apparently, moreover, the main difference between Heyman's and Prichard's work would also be found in the relationship with their direct subordinates. If Paul Heyman liked to collaborate with them, Bruce Prichard instead commands all WWE writers and writers, with the sole thought of Vince McMahon and Prichard himself who must prevail over the team.

A source in the company explained to us that Paul Heyman wanted to “sell the concepts to Vince”. He wanted to “inspire and motivate” McMahon during their pitch sessions. The new idea is to simply pitch something to McMahon as quickly as possible, and get out before he gets bored.