Former WWE Wrestler Deonna Purrazzo on Nearly Quitting Before Debut

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Former WWE Wrestler Deonna Purrazzo on Nearly Quitting Before Debut

Deonna Purrazzo is a former WWE wrestler that was released by the WWE this year, but she spoke about almost quitting the WWE before she made her RAW debut. She made her WWE RAW debut in a match against Asuka, who went on to hold several prestigious titles in WWE.

Asuka was a well-known Japenese wrestler before she joined WWE. Purrazzo was released in April by the WWE. She made several appearances on WWE TV before this. She was ready to quit but was then called to the main roster. She gave an interview to Chris Van Vliet where she spoke about this.

She also spoke about her reason for joining Impact Wrestling. She revealed that WWE actually offered her a new contract at the end of 2019. "I was offered a contract renewal and I turned it down because I am not doing anything creatively here," Purrazzo said.

"I am just killing myself day in, day out, training. I now have injuries I didn't have before here. What is the point [of all this]? I am not gonna re-sign for three years or five years. I didn't even look at the contract so I didn't know what it was."

Deonna Purazzo on Quitting WWE Before RAW Debut

Purrazzo turned the offer down and then spoke about her future with the WWE officials. After discovering that they really had no plans for her, she decided to move on. "I sat down with some people after that meeting and I said 'Look, I need to know what is in store for me creatively, and if there is nothing then that's fine, but I just need someone to be honest with me about it because all I want to do is work and all I have wanted my entire life is to work for this company.

So, if I am going to be invested in, then I am gonna invest 110% in whatever I am doing but if that's not in the cards for me then someone just needs to say it. So I can explore elsewhere.' " She then spoke about holding back her request to be released and stayed with WWE for several months before being released in April.

"So I had wrote the email and I was like 'Well, I will send it on Monday because it's a new week [and] we are going on Christmas break whatever. We will see what happens,'" Deonna Purrazzo recalled. "That maybe was like Monday.

So, I was going to send it the next Monday, and then Friday it was like 'You and Chelsea [Green] are going to RAW' and I was like 'Oh, well I guess am not going to send this while I am at RAW.' "