WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on Ultimate Warrior Not Having Friends

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on Ultimate Warrior Not Having Friends

WWE Hall of Famer and legendary commentator, Jim Ross spoke about The Ultimate Warrior on his podcast and how he didn’t have a lot of friends in WWE. Jim Ross stated that he was surprised when Ultimate Warrior got famous.

"When McMahon was on, he had a real good gift of marketing and packaging," Ross said. "The key thing is you evaluate your talent and you make an evaluation of what that talent can do well, and you make sure your agents and talent don't get out of that guy's strengths or wheelhouse."

Ross continued, "His vignettes, his entrance, the sizzle was more prominent than the steak that he delivered. Vince protected him, knew he had the look. People pop when they see him. He does this crazy entrance where he sprints to the ring and nobody else is doing that, but that's where it ended.

There was a lot of foreplay but sometimes he couldn't finish." Ross then spoke about Warriors’ behavior backstage. Warrior asked Vince McMahon for special privileges that nobody else had. Some of the privileges included private flights and his own private dressing room.

Jim Ross on Wrestlers Not Liking The Ultimate Warrior

"He always acted like he was gifting us with his presence," Ross said. "That's just not how you build camaraderie or a support system. He had to understand the fewer people he pisses off, the better his matches will be."

He then revealed that Bobby Heenan, who was a top wrestler at that time, never liked the Ultimate Warrior. Unfortunately, Bobby had to put Warrior over. "Yeah he did hate it, he didn't like Warrior," Ross said.

"Everybody loved Bobby. Bobby was friendly with people, proud to be in the wrestling business, and as good as anybody in his role in this business I have ever seen. He showed all the boys that even though he didn't like this [guy], 'I'm going to make him look good cause that's my job, that's what I'm asked to do and how I'm booked'"

According to Ross, Owen Hart was the only wrestler that actually was friends with Ultimate Warrior. "Owen liked everybody, Owen could also see when somebody was struggling," Jim Ross said. "Owen was willing to help anybody and he saw that Warrior had potential and could draw everybody money. Owen was trying to be a great teammate and help this guy be better accepted by his peers."