Updated WWE taping schedule for the next week

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Updated WWE taping schedule for the next week

It is now clear that there are very heavy problems to face in WWE, starting with the health problems of many athletes and employees in general, not to mention the consequent environmental problems. The contagions we have been talking about for days have created an atmosphere of apprehension and fear, with the management, however, who has made it clear that they have no intention of interrupting normal programming.

Despite this, however, obviously we have to face the objective problems that have exploded for several days, so much so that the same heads of Stamford would have decided to try to remedy in the shortest possible time. The result is that we will try to compact the commitments already in the next few days, working at full capacity over the next week and then giving all the WWE staff some legitimate stop time, thus loosening the pace for a while.

WWE has updated its taping schedule for the coming week following changes over the past few days.

Updated WWE taping schedule

The following schedule was confirmed to POST Wrestling through multiple sources: Wednesday, July 1st – Two episodes of NXT will be taped to air July 1st (later that night) and July 8th, which are the Great American Bash episodes Thursday, July 2nd – Two episodes of SmackDown will be taped to air on July 3rd and July 10th and taping 205 Live.

Friday, July 3rd – Two episodes of Raw will be taped airing on July 6th and July 13th as well as tapings of Main Event & Raw Talk. NXT was scheduled to tape two additional episodes next Thursday and we’ve been told those are no longer happening that day.

WWE has not missed a week of programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, instead choosing to film empty-arena shows at their performance center in Orlando. Florida has seen a massive spike in COVID cases in recent weeks, including a record of 5,508 cases reported Wednesday.

WWE has not publicly disclosed any protocols on social distancing or quarantining for its talent when they are not taping. The company did not begin doing coronavirus testing for its talent until earlier this month. Kevin Owens did not attend last week's Raw tapings because of concerns over the virus.

Some other top talent, including Roman Reigns, have chosen to not participate in WWE tapings during the pandemic over health concerns.