Renee Young's big announcement revealed

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Renee Young's big announcement revealed

As we reported only on Monday on our WorldWrestling news board, WWE commentator and presenter Renee Young would have revealed to her fans that they had a huge announcement to make to everyone on Wednesday, or the day just ended.

After leaving several of her followers on the thorns for over 48 hours, the wife of Jon Moxley whom we remember being ousted from the federation television screens for a pandemic virus positivity that she admitted on her Twitter account and above all because her program WWE Backstage has been canceled for the low ratings from FOX, the beautiful Renee has thus broken the delay, revealing what she had in store for her fans.

Renee Young's big announcement revealed

Apparently, as revealed by Renee Young herself, there is nothing to worry about in this long-awaited announcement, with fans of Moxley's beautiful wife who were already fantasizing about her possible pregnancy or the fact that she could move away from WWE to maybe follow the husband in AEW.

Well, in amongst the rumour and innuendo surrounding Young’s announcement, it’s likely that nobody guessed that the Canadian’s big news would be that she’s to have her own cookbook. To Renee’s credit, she was quick to play down rumours of a pregnancy, a health update, or a WWE departure when she first teased that she’d be making a big announcement.

Still, that didn’t stop the Twitterverse from speculating about those very things. She’s still waiting on a call from Hallmark to star in a Christmas movie, but a cookbook is certainly something that she’s had her eye on for a while.

At this time, Renee Young is still at home recovering from COVID-19. She is obviously doing better as proof from today’s announcement. Young’s husband Jon Moxley told All Elite Wrestling (AEW) management that he had come in contact with someone who had COVID-19.

He was immediately pulled from this week’s Dynamite broadcast. AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter to thank Moxley for coming forward and being honest. “Jon Moxley can get slammed on a car, crawl through tacks & fall through the stage, but it’s every bit as cool that he came forward & told us he’d had secondhand exposure to COVID.

We test everyone here at #AEWDynamite, but Jon protected everyone onsite like the great champ he is,” Khan tweeted. It was also reported on Wednesday that three more unnamed WWE employees who were at WWE Performance Centre have also tested positive for the virus.