Bobby Lashley and MVP involved in physical altercation

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Bobby Lashley and MVP involved in physical altercation

Since the beginning of its history, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has always used not only the company's rings but also several other places and settings to carry on its storylines, with its Superstars who have been protagonists of fights, attacks and sensational accidents also outside of the usual WWE environments, such as Steve Austin attacking Vince McMahon in a hospital or Stone Cold himself attacking Booker T in a supermarket, up to today's Boneyard match and Firefly Fun House match in Wrestlemania 36.

The history of the Stamford-located Federation, in fact, is dotted with a myriad of skits and angles that the management wanted to keep outside its rings or arenas, trying as much as possible to entertain fans of the WWE Universe, in ways also somewhat original.

Just in the last hours, exactly what we were explaining to you a moment has happened. During a normal dinner at a restaurant, two of the most well-known characters currently on the scene of Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley and his manager MVP, who had been the protagonists of an altercation with a boy who passed by there by chance, obviously in an angle provided by the leadership of the federation and not a real street fight.

MVP posted a video of his client Bobby Lashley getting into a quick physical altercation at Miller’s Ale House.

Bobby Lashley and MVP involved in a physical altercation

The video, obviously scripted, featured a masked man who bumps into Bobby Lashley & MVP and asks them what their problem was.

Lashley quickly grabbed the man by the jaw and nailed him into a corner. MVP asked the man if he had a problem to which the masked individual said no. Lashley is a two-time ECW World Champion and one-time United States Champion.

Lashley took a short hiatus from the company after he injured his shoulder while fighting against Mr. Kennedy. After a six-month break, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced Lashley’s release from the WWE contract in 2008.

Lashley also made an appearance in TNA for a short while. The superstar returned to WWE in 2018 through RAW. Lashley now plays one of the biggest Heels in the company. Lashley recently had a match with Drew McIntyre on WWE Backlash.

Lashley lost the match mainly because of the distractions put forth by Lana, his on-screen pair. He lost the chance to capture the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship. Soon after, the wrestler called it quits with Lana.