Vince McMahon left WWE tapings early

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Vince McMahon left WWE tapings early

The climate in WWE seems to be increasingly tense in recent weeks, and for once the worries and conflicts related to the health emergency have nothing to do with it. Because the reasons for the chaos that has broken out in the last few hours all seem to be traced back to mere creative issues.

H Jenkins of 'Ringside News' thought about tracing an anything but idyllic panorama, who reported having learned exclusively that Raw's recordings (which took place in the last few hours and which concern two consecutive episodes) have been characterized by multiple problems.

Almost all of which are due to Vince McMahon and his mistakes with those responsible for writing the shows. According to reports from Jenkins, the problems were not concerned with the first episode of Raw (the one that will be broadcast next Monday), as much as the following one.

Vince McMahon left WWE tapings

There is talk of a Vince McMahon who did not approve the show's script until around one in the afternoon when however the Superstars had already started recording the previous episode.

This has created an atmosphere of heavy uncertainty in the creative team, to whom it appears that the tasks had been assigned for some time without having met the Chairman's needs. At the time of the closing of the works, even several producers seem to have had no clear ideas about the fate of some clear segments.

And the intervention of Bruce Prichard, the new Executive Director who took Paul Heyman's place, did not help: the manager was in fact described in a very unflattering way, and as a figure present only to distract the very nervous Vince McMahon with some witty jokes.

With the passing of the hours the situation would have been anything but calm, so much so that Jenkins explained that according to his source Vince McMahon would even have left the Performance Center shortly after the start of recording of the second episode of Raw (that, in short, who created the previous discussion).

A decision that went very badly among WWE employees, given that the Superstars were all forced to stay at work until the end of the recordings, while their boss had already left. One source in the company stated to Ringside News, “I wish I could have left early,” The Superstars and staff had to stay for the duration of the tapings, but Vince McMahon got to leave.