Kairi Sane's picture removed from Raw preview

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Kairi Sane's picture removed from Raw preview

There is much talk about the situation of Kairi Sane and the continuation of his history in WWE. The Kabuki Warrior seemed close to an ambassadorial role for the company in Japan, a purpose that seems to have significantly moved away after the injury reported in the fateful match with Nia Jax a few weeks ago in Raw.

In the meantime, there has been talk of her possible abandonment to WWE, America and a return to Japan. With the purpose, even, of withdrawal from wrestling within a year. A swirl of hypotheses that seem to have found confirmation over the past few hours.

If in fact, her role in the "USA vs Japan" affairs seems to have been definitively taken by Io Shirai (in fact, feud with Sasha Banks, parallel to Asuka), the role of Kairi Sane seems to be slipping slowly away week after week.

Kairi Sane seemingly removed from Monday Night Raw

Kairi Sane was reportedly scheduled to return to Raw for the most recent set of tapings at the WWE Performance Center, so the changed image was either to keep her appearance more of a surprise for the audience, or WWE ultimately decided to keep her off the show this week.

Prior to the injury, WWE’s initial plan was to write Sane off TV with what they would have called a “career-ending” injury, inflicted by either Charlotte Flair or Shayna Baszler. Sane is expected to wrestle in Japan for another year before then retiring.

Sane was scheduled to accompany Asuka in a champions vs champion match against Bayley. But in a new graphic she was removed in an indication she did not feature on the most recent RAW taping. The site added that plans for Sane to become an ambassador have been delayed, or possibly even ended altogether, due to Covid-19: “When sources were asked if that role would involve WWE’s rumored expansion into Japan with NXT, they said there is no expansion due to the Covid-19 pandemic...Many in the company have been ‘radio silent’ about her status, although there are several who want her to keep wrestling.

The general consensus about Sane seems to be positive, but it’s unknown how things have progressed in the past month”. Now comes the latest indication that Sane’s future in WWE remains quite unclear. Sane is one of WWE’s best in-ring performers, male or female, and is still just 31 years old, so although she would seemingly have plenty of gas left in the tank, recent circumstances have resulted in serious questions about her WWE career and pro wrestling career as a whole.