WWE instituted a new mask mandate backstage

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WWE instituted a new mask mandate backstage

WWE's approach to the health emergency seems to have changed profoundly over the past few weeks. Since March in Stamford they had faced the situation by stating without words that, although organizing all the shows at the Orlando Performance Center and without the presence of the public, the intention was to distract the audience from home, try to entertain them in the manner as genuine as possible and try to make all the fans forget the problems that exist in most of the world for a few hours.

But things have changed radically since then, and even among those who work in WWE, it seems that general confusion is increasing. Recall that not less than a few weeks ago there was talk of a sort of "war on masks" within the Performance Center, with several Superstars annoyed or very worried by the situation so as to decide to desert the shows for their own safety (starting by Roman Reigns).

In the meantime, someone has also made fun of the story, like Jey Uso who admitted to having used a sort of "masked mask", without the management noticing. But in the meantime, the situation in WWE has almost reversed.

Why Vince McMahon changed his mind on masks

The various cases of positivity recorded in recent days have in fact forced WWE to change its policy, so much so that now all those who do not have an active role in the ring or on the edge of the square are forced to wear the same masks that previously were substantially "prohibited"

As reported exclusively by 'Ringside News', which said it had learned this information from an internal WWE source, until a few days ago even Kevin Dunn spoke to the megaphone during the recording of the shows, warning those present that "who wears a mask , he's not a WWE fan."

Now, however, the opposite is happening: WWE has in fact established a regulation according to which anyone who is surprised without a mask will receive a fine of 500 dollars, which will rise to 1000 if it should happen a second time.

But there are many doubts among WWE Superstars about the behaviors to adopt, in particular for the attitude of some leaders. The source of 'Ringside News' has in fact reported to the well-known American site that, said of Kevin Dunn's old attitude, it is practically impossible to find Mark Carrano for several days, while Bruce Prichard is there, but he does not answer questions on the subject.

"Talking to Bruce Prichard is just a waste of time - says the internal WWE source - because either he doesn't know anything about it, or he knows something but doesn't want to talk about it with others and therefore it's as if he doesn't know.

if there are misunderstandings it can blame someone else." In short, chaos reigns in WWE regarding health prevention systems. And with the quarters of the moon being experienced in the United States and also in Florida itself, it is easy to understand how many Superstars are experiencing all this extremely badly.