WWE Extreme Rules undergoes a name change

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WWE Extreme Rules undergoes a name change

A new change of name for a now-historic WWE PPV, and on which the company seems willing to focus with a new concept (very different from that of its origins). And so the event, very soon after his dispute, changes its official name again after having already done so over the past few weeks.

You can breathe with increasing certainty the feeling that Extreme Rules, the next special event of the WWE main roster, this year... will not simply be called Extreme Rules. The presence of the highly anticipated Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and the current Universal Champion Braun Strowman had already hinted that the horror theme would have been predominant in the promotion of the entire PPV, and the data is increasingly finding confirmation in this regard.

WWE Extreme Rules undergoes a name change

Already in the last few hours, it had seemed evident that WWE wanted to slightly change the official name of the event, transforming it into "Extreme Rules: The Horror Show"

Even this choice, however, seems to have changed in the meantime, as new clues from the company's advertisements suggest that the new name may be The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. A phenomenon that started some time ago, with WWE increasingly committed to making its Special Events even more "special"

This is demonstrated by some themes launched in recent months, which aim to keep the attention of fans high in this period of mandatory empty arenas: since spring we have in fact witnessed the various Boneyard Matches, Firefly FunHouse Match, Corporate Money in The Bank Ladder Match, Greatest Wrestling Match Ever and now Swamp Fight and Horror Show.

And at this point, all that remains is to find out if, when and how they will raise the stakes again in WWE. So far, four matches have been scheduled to take place at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. We will see Braun Strowman take on Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Swamp Fight.

The match will be a non-title one, and it looks like it will include Bray Wyatt's cult leader persona. The two WWE Superstars previously met at Money In The Bank, where Strowman beat Wyatt in a Championship match. After a month of absence, Wyatt made an appearance on the Firefly Fun House and challenged Strowman to the match. On the RAW brand, Dolph Ziggler will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.