Rey Mysterio's WWE contract has expired

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Rey Mysterio's WWE contract has expired

As reported in recent weeks and months, the former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio would have had his expiring contract with WWE for some time, with the agreement that binds the former absolute champion of the company, to the federation itself, which it would have been over for some time now, without either side pushing too hard for a renewal.

Apparently, in fact, the Mexican luchador would now be working without a signed agreement, with the WWE that would pay the athlete token, only when it is used on-screen by the company's management.

Rey Mysterio working without WWE contract

The sensational indiscretion would have come from the pages of the famous American site, F4WOnline, with the journalists of the American newspaper who would have reported that the agreement that binds Rey Mysterio to the WWE and signed by the same Mexican in September 2018, would have expired by several weeks.

Despite the deadline, however, both parties would have agreed by word of mouth and with an economic token agreement to continue working on the feud that currently leads to go on-screen Rey, the son Dominick and the Messiah of Monday Night Raw Seth Rollins.

This feud should, in fact, culminate in the Extreme Rules "An eye for an eye" match, after what happened live on Raw a few weeks ago, with the attack on Mysterio's eye by Seth Rollins, with the WWE that would be in fact creating a real new macabre stipulation for the extreme July PPV.

Who knows how much longer WWE and Rey Mysterio will work with an agreement on the "handshake" or if between the two there are already new draft contracts ready for signature. The fact is that, apparently, the storyline that is currently involving Mysterio and his son Dominick, should lead to the boy's first pro-wrestling match, with the permanent presence of the Mexican ex WWE Champion which should, therefore, be constant for at least a few another month on the TV screens of the McMahon company.

It's a known fact that Rey Mysterio wants to wrestle alongside his son before he retires from professional wrestling and, that day - when both father and son share the same ring together in a match - isn't that far away.

SummerSlam seems like the perfect PPV to book the impending debut, but it will be interesting to see how WWE gets to that destination.