Jim Ross discusses the final years of The Rock

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Jim Ross discusses the final years of The Rock

During his amazing career, The Rock has won nineteen titles during his wrestling career, including ten in the world (the WWF/E Championship eight times and the WCW/World Championship two). He also won the Intercontinental Championship twice and the WWF Tag Team Championship five times.

He was also the sixth wrestler to claim the Triple Crown and the winner of the Royal Rumble (2000), while at the annual and main WWF/E pay-per-view event, WrestleMania, he fought in the main event on five occasions: in editions XV, 2000, X-Seven, XXVIII and 29.

Derived from one of his catchphrases "lay the smackdown", WWE introduced its second flagship program WWE SmackDown in 1999 which later became television's second-longest-running weekly episodic program in history.

The term "smackdown" was instituted in Merriam-Webster dictionaries since 2007. The Rock holds the record for most Raw shows main-event in one year (38 in 2000), most SmackDown shows main-event in one year (36 in 2000) and tied with Stone Cold Steve Austin (in 2001) for most PPV shows main event in one year (12 in 2000).

On the latest episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about King of the Ring 2000 event.

Jim Ross on The Rock

"Of course," Jim Ross said. "Even though The Rock is still a fan and loves that live reaction with the audience, he could not turn his back on that career.

He made the right decision. He's marketed himself and he's built his own brand. We didn't know how long he was going to be around but we knew The Rock was never going to be the guy who was just going to bolt on you.

We knew his schedule and we knew how to plan [around it]," JR stated. "We were going to use every date that we could for as long as we could until he departed to make these movies. We didn't know how many movies he was going to have but you didn't need to be a movie critic to figure out this son of a b---- is a star."

The main event of the show featured a 6-man tag team match for the WWE Championship. "Wasn't wild about the stipulation," Ross said. "Thought it was too convoluted and too predictable. The match could have been successful in a 6-man with something other than what we did.

When you have to take that much time to explain the stipulation to your audience, it's troublesome to me. Fans don't want to spend that much time deciphering what they're watching."