Conrad Thompson on the “Dead Man Talking” Plans

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Conrad Thompson on the “Dead Man Talking” Plans

Conrad Thompson is a very famous podcast host and he spoke about the dropped plans for a show called “Dead Man Talking” which would have featured Legendary WWE Superstar The Undertaker. Thompson has worked with several of the top wrestling personalities of the world, including Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard.

On the Wrestling Inc Daily, he revealed that the Undertaker was going to work with him and the plans were all set for that. "No. I mean it's past due and it just took the realization that 'Hey, we're going to tell a story of how this all came to be and put a bow on it.'

By doing it in the way they did, everybody sort of got to understand and appreciate the man behind the character and what that sacrifice looks like," stated Thompson.

Conrad Thompson on The Undertaker

"Guys like you and I have always thought that's really the most fascinating piece of wrestling – not necessarily what was presented on screen, but what we get to see behind the scenes.

And how that person put that character together and told those stories and the sacrifices that were required to get it across the goal line. I don't think anybody's ever going to be able to recreate the success and the career that Mark Calaway's had."

The Undertaker actually addressed why he didn’t work with Thompson during the Last Ride. He had to pull out of Starcast last year which meant that he couldn’t work with Thompson even if he wanted to. "Well, it's unfortunate.

I mean, I wish it wasn't even a part of the documentary," admitted Conrad Thompson. "He's (The Undertaker) done so much and had so many great moments throughout his history and I wish there was none of that in there.

I'm not saying that I'm disappointed that they did it. I'm just saying if that was even remotely a controversial topic or a dark spot or whatever – I don't know what the circumstances were. We've always heard that that he got a long term, essentially lifetime deal with WWE as a result of that and I'm happy for him if that's the case.

But I mean, he was going to get that either way. You know, I think that may have just been sort of the straw that broke the camel's back or maybe it was what brought attention to it.