WWE SummerSlam moved from Boston to...

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WWE SummerSlam moved from Boston to...

In recent weeks, there has been much talk about the fact that WWE could hold its company's next Big Four, SummerSlam, in the arena where the event was initially publicized, namely the TD Garden in Boston, in the US state of Massachusetts, as had been estimated on the eve of the pandemic which then gripped the whole world.

Apparently, after several rumors that indicated the event as easily transmissible from the American city arena, WWE would have thought better of it, moving the federation's next big event to the Orlando Performance Center as well.

WWE reportedly settles on SummerSlam 2020 location

According to what reported by PWInsider, in fact, the Big Four that would be second in terms of importance only to Wrestlemania will go as per agreements aired on August 23, with the federation that will not be able to air the event with the public in the hall, at least not with ordinary fans but with the staff of NXT, who will also act as an audience, as in the last few weeks of television tapings.

According to the well-known overseas site, which confirmed the date of 23 August and which also confirmed the location of the Performance Center, after receiving news from the internal WWE environments, the federation's management did not want to take risks by putting I sold tickets to Boston, also taking into account the ordinances of the various states of the USA, which for the moment still prohibit gatherings or sporting events that could bring several fans to the same place too close to each other.

For the moment, therefore, with the situation in the USA seeming to get worse every day, WWE will also have to continue to do without its beloved public, with members of the WWE Universe who will have to stay at home for a while longer.

of time and with the wrestlers of the federation of Stamford who will have to content themselves for a while with the support of their colleagues in the room, waiting for those great roars that only the "WWE people" are capable of giving to their favorites.

Initially, SummerSlam 2020 was booked for Boston's TD Garden Arena. The company planned to not only hold SummerSlam there but also the Friday Night SmackDown before, Monday Night Raw after and the special NXT TakeOver: Boston event as well.

This will mark the first year that SummerSlam isn’t held in a large arena or stadium. The same can be said for WrestleMania. We’ll have to see if WWE does anything special for SummerSlam like book a cinematic match.

They will likely have time because the company can now pre-tape SummerSlam and edit it down to Vince McMahon’s version of perfection.