Vince McMahon denied Rey Mysterio WWE pay raise

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Vince McMahon denied Rey Mysterio WWE pay raise

In recent weeks, both the former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick have appeared on-screen several times on the rings of Monday Night Raw, in the very important feud that they are carrying out against the Messiah of the red show, Seth Rollins.

Apparently, WWE would have big plans for the three also at Extreme Rules, next WWE ppv, in which as reported in the morning also by us at WorldWrestling, there could be a very particular match never seen in WWE. Rey Mysterio reportedly asked for a pay hike and Vince McMahon turned him down.

The reason, of course, came down to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the business. WWE has already released a long list of Superstars in the past few months and giving Rey Mysterio a bump in pay was not something Vince McMahon was too keen about.

Vince McMahon denied Rey Mysterio WWE pay raise

Dave Meltzer noted the following: "So, yeah, there's a lot to that, but the short version of the story is that his contract expired. I thought since he'd been on TV that he may have signed, but in fact, he has not signed.

What happened was, he was asked for a raise, and Vince had said you know, 'Look at the situation we're in, umm, we just got rid of a bunch of people. Anyway, he was not signed, and they have booked, or they were trying to book a match for Extreme Rules with Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins singles.

I think his contract expired months ago." It's thought that Mysterio will end up signing a new deal with WWE, after he came to terms with his last one in September 2018. That was for two years, but it included an opt-out clause after eighteen months (which could be why he's now attempting to negotiate a new contract).

Vince McMahon supposedly told Mysterio to look at the situation (referring to the ongoing worldwide health crisis and talent cuts made by WWE), but the company likewise doesn't want Mysterio to go and is thus willing to negotiate a better deal.

This seems plausible, given that Mysterio's continuing feud with Seth Rollins' stable began after his contract had supposedly expired. Over the course of his time with the company, he has achieved sustained success, and is a two-time Intercontinental champion, two-time United States Champion, a four-time tag-team champion, a three-time Cruiserweight champion, and a three-time world champion. He is also the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and has headlined several major WWE pay-per-view events.