*Spoiler* Kevin Owens returns on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Kevin Owens returns on WWE Raw

After presenting the new United States champion belt, WWE surprised its fans from home with some returns to their rings, which WWE Universe members from all over the world did not expect in the least, including the return to the rings of the federation of a wrestler fired in April, in the mega wave of releases due to the pandemic, which among many others had seen Kurt Angle, Mike Chioda, Rusev, Gallows and Anderson and many others getting abandoned by the WWE.

After just three months, one of these athletes has returned to tread the federation rings and responds to the name of Heath Slater, a former member of the 3MB together with Jinder Mahal and the WWE champion of the moment, Drew McIntyre.

If Heath Slater has been taken over by WWE, it is not known at the moment whether only one night only or if he has been offered a new contract, as regards Canadian Kevin Owens, his was only a break from the rings, to be found behind the recent internal infections by WWE with the pandemic virus that led the Prizefighter to choose to stay at home, just like his friend Sami Zayn or the former WWE Champion Roman Reigns.

Heath Slater appeared on Monday Night RAW as a guest of Dolph Ziggler, who is challenging Drew McIntyre at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Kevin Owens returns on WWE Raw

Ziggler was hoping to get into the mind of the WWE Champion by bringing out one of Drew's friends.

Heath would go on to cut a promo on Drew referencing their shared history and how when McIntyre was fired back in 2014 he was there for him, but when he was fired in early April, McIntyre wasn't there. WWE has announced that Kevin Owens will host another edition of The Kevin Owens Show during tonight's RAW.

His guest will be Seth Rollins. On a related note, Rollins took to Twitter this afternoon and commented on his tag team match with Murphy against Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. "Resistance is futile. The Greater Good is inevitable.

It is the only way we move forward. #WWERaw," Rollins tweeted. Kevin Owens decided to take a brief hiatus from the company on June 17 after a developmental talent tested positive for coronavirus. WWE reportedly had no issue with Owens going home and he wasn't pressured about appearing at future tapings.