More positive cases reported at WWE Performance Center

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More positive cases reported at WWE Performance Center

In recent weeks WWE has been grappling with the virus problem that is causing several problems for the continuation of the shows. In June, around 1,500 tests were performed and initially around 30 people were thought to be virus positive.

In fact, according to what Pro Wrestling Sheet reports, it seems likely that the number of positive people is greater. American sources say that in the WWE these people have tested positive after the last test cycle that took place before the television recordings.

Renee Young, Jamie Noble, Kayla Braxton and Adam Pearce are among those who have formalized their positivity to the virus. Even Braxton tested positive for the virus for the second time. Now, WWE has asked everyone who tested positive to keep privacy and not spread the news on social media.

For this reason, apart from alleged rumors, no one has any idea who (if wrestlers or other insiders) the new ones infected within the federation are. According to reports from Ringside News, the McMahon management has forbidden all wrestlers to admit their positivity publicly, thus avoiding creating clamor or scandals at the public level, especially in the social world, which as always, have much more media redundancy broad compared to other channels.

More positive cases reported at WWE Performance Center

Regarding WWE and Vince McMahon there are also uncontrolled and quite sensational rumors about the positives that are affecting the federation. Apparently, in fact, the patron would not be completely dissatisfied with the current moment of his company, indeed, in some respects, according to him, WWE would have even benefited from this situation, going to bill or otherwise develop a better job despite a difficult and unexpected situation like this.

After changing the plans of its PPVs and some of its weekly shows, WWE found itself doing without some of its superstars, but despite this, it seems that Vince McMahon is not particularly worried by the trend that is taking this situation.

Satin's number, especially if the last week added a few more cases, fits with the "two-dozen" figure reported by PWInsider's Mike Johnson a couple of weeks ago. So while the number does sound shockingly high, that's only if you didn't hear the two-dozen number previously.

If the two-dozen figure is true, that means the rate of new cases in WWE has drastically gone down, like Samoa Joe's chances of winning a three-way when you add Kurt Angle to the mix.