Vince McMahon prevents referees from stopping matches due to injuries

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Vince McMahon prevents referees from stopping matches due to injuries

Apparently, within WWE environments you never get bored, at least this is what is evident from the multiple rumors that revolve around the backstage stories of the McMahon-owned federation, with the Chairman of the company Vince McMahon, who he would have absurd pretensions on everyone, first of all, his direct employees of the creative team, who many times have seen their plans change quite drastically, overnight or even from one hour to the next.

The latest news emerging from some sources inside the WWE would see Vince himself having it this time with his officers in the ring or the referees. According to reports from some overseas sources, in fact, the patron of the federation would now target the referees and stop their matches after a probable injury.

Vince McMahon doesn't allow his referees to stop a fight

As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, Vince McMahon would have his own thought on the fact that the referees stop the matches prematurely when there could be the possibility of an injury for an athlete involved in the contest.

“Vince hates the ref stoppage because he didn’t grow up watching boxing or MMA. He doesn’t even know what MMA is practical. So whenever someone brings up an MMA concept to him he might give it its 3 weeks, but it’s always gonna be forgotten.

That’s a lock”. Vince McMahon approves every angle and match on WWE programming because it is what he wants to see. Obviously, McMahon also wants to see the stories he plans for matches play out. This is one of the contributing factors why he wants a match to continue instead of stopping.

Any type of injury or problem related to his wrestlers, in fact, even the real ones, must be transmitted in full as a right/duty to report. The WWE patron, in fact, would be of the school of thought that anything that airs in his rings, is something that the fan wants to see, real or written.

We will see if what happened in the last few weeks on Monday Night Raw or on Friday Night Smackdown will lead the management to take some measures regarding the behavior of the federation shrubs or not. WWE has been forced to stop fighting in the past, but it is a rarity.

We now know why McMahon is against the idea of ​​stopping a showdown, even if one of the wrestlers probably shouldn’t have to continue due to injury.