The new WWE United States Championship title is not yet official

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The new WWE United States Championship title is not yet official

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw aired in the night, MVP with his assisted Bobby Lashley, presented to the WWE Universe a new design of United States Championship title, after the same former American federation champion openly challenged the champion in charge, Apollo Crews, at a match titled for the company's next PPV, Extreme Rules.

Despite the great angle of the red show, with the two WWE top athletes who made this presentation in style, complete with an altar and velvet cloths to surround the belt with the eagle (American symbol par excellence) imprinted on it, apparently, this belt may not eventually replace the current title on the sides of Apollo.

Rumors on WWE's new United States Championship

During the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the current story. Things are unclear, but it seems MVP could have designed that new title himself without the company doing anything official.

“That’s the story: The idea is that MVP made a new belt, that’s the story”. Maybe when Crews defeats him, Crews will use it as the new belt. Or, MVP wins and wears it as a belt. Right now it’s like the thing with Moose and Impact, it’s like a fake belt.

the idea is that MVP is someone with money, so he had to have a really striking belt." In 2016 WWE Universal Champion was introduced which lead to the inaugural title match that took place between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor at Backlash.

Rollins himself commented on fan reaction to the title, telling the Barclays Center “you really let me down”. WWE also updated its Intercontinental Championship last year on November with the new design and logo to give it more eye-catching scenario to the WWE audiences and roster.

But the United States Championship has not got any streamline as of now since it was re-commissioned back in 2003, though John Cena did use a custom spin on United States Title during his run on 2004. Since then no further concern shown towards this title.

Now WWE fans are reacting towards this brand new United States title and its design with a mixture of praise and vitriol. As long as the WWE or any of the protagonists involved in this storyline does not make it official, for the moment the official title of US champion will remain that of the sides of Apollo Crews, or the belt with stars and stripes that WWE carries on its rings now for several years.