Vince McMahon sees Matt Riddle as a young Shawn Michaels

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Vince McMahon sees Matt Riddle as a young Shawn Michaels

As we reported a few days ago, several internal voices at the Stamford company have reported how Vince McMahon saw a bright future in front of the athlete of Mondy Night Raw Angel Garza, enough to compare the Mexican of the red show to a young Eddie Guerrero, the late WWE legendary athlete of the 90s and 2000s, who left an indelible mark on WWE history and in the hearts of all fans.

Apparently, however, the "new Eddie Guerrero" is already in good company, with yet another athlete who would remember some other historic wrestler at Vince McMahon, we are talking about Matt Riddle, who according to the latest rumors close to WWE, the patron of the federation sees very similar to Shawn Michaels as a young man.

After the landing of the wrestler from NXT to the main roster, on the blue part of Friday Night Smackdown, many expected a flop, especially considering the great heat that the athlete had already pulled on himself going face to face with Brock Lesnar in that of the backstage of the Royal Rumble, where The Beast expressed all his disappointment about the young man's behavior.

Vince on Matt Riddle

Apparently, however, WWE would have given even more on-screen power to the boy, leaving him much more freedom to the microphone, given his ability to attract hatred/love towards his character. It was also noted Vince McMahon has already compared Matt Riddle to a “young Shawn Michaels”.

A source within the company suggested that The Boss likes the rebel mentality that resembles HBK from the 90s locker room, “Vince likes guys like Shawn who have that rebel mentality and he sees some of Shawn in Matt.

Matt can rub some people the wrong way but he’s a good guy and he will do great when Vince calls him up. I think he’s a future world champion. Vince will try to tweak him but his personality will get him far”.

In addition, Davis writes that any backstage heat on Riddle following his needling comments towards the likes of Goldberg has now subsided, with two sources indicating that 'The Original Bro' is already a well-liked figure in the SmackDown locker-room.

Riddle made a name for himself on the independent wrestling scene after opting to leave the UFC. He signed with WWE in July 2018 and quickly climbed the ranks of NXT as one of its top babyfaces. After his run as NXT Tag Team Champion was brought to an end thanks to a betrayal by Timothy Thatcher, Matt Riddle was brought over the SmackDown roster and beat AJ Styles in his debut.